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This is the WSBKPod FAQ.

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- alanf (wsbkpod *at*

What is this thing?
This is a podcast. A podcast is an audio file which can be downloaded via the Internet and listened to on a computer or personal music device like an iPod. The actual format of the file is an MP3, just like most digital music.

What is this thing about?
This podcast will be covering the World Superbike series. This is a motorcycle racing series based on 1000cc production motorcycles and run on road race circuits.

Okay, then who runs this thing?
Alan Fleming. It was all my idea and I take all the credit and blame for it.

What is your email address?
wsbkpod *at* (Obviously, you'll need to change the work "at" to an @ sign.)

Is this podcast officially sanctioned by the World Superbike series organizers?
No, there is no connection between this podcast and FGSport (the rights holder for the World Superbike series). I'm just a fan doing a podcast covering their series.

What equipment do you use to create this thing?
I started out just using my work provided Dell Latitude laptop running Windows XP, a simple USB attached mic from the computer mega-mart and a freeware recording software called Audacity. Total cost? Something like $15. I have since added a M-Audio Fast Track Pro mixer and a MXL 990 condenser mic, though honestly its difficult to detect a change in audio quality from the original setup. I am probably not getting much return on the $300 I spent on this extra equipment. I have also added some equipment to do remote recordings: An Olympus WS-300m voice recorder, an Audio-Technica ATR35s lapel mic and an Audio-Technica Pro 24 condenser mic.

I love your stuff. Where else can I hear or read more by you?
Well, I'm flattered you asked. I edit a blog that covers motorcycle related topics. I've also done some writing for Roadracer X Magazine. (Okay, so this isn't actually a frequently asked is, however, some shameless self-promotion.)

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