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I've been running a motorcycle blog since '04 and have now decided to extend that by doing a Podcast. Since there is already a Podcast devoted to MotoGP and another to American Roadracing, I am going to focus my new Podcast on the World Superbike race series.

Think Peace.
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Episode 13:

Download: WSBKPod_060727_episode13.mp3

Vacation announcement.

AMA privateer Brad Hendry interview.

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Episode 12:

Download: WSBKPod_060622_episode12.mp3

June calendar, part 1:

My AMA weekend at Miller Motorsports Park experiences.

Review of last week's Pirelli tire test at the Brno circuit in the Czech Republic.

Preview for the sixth WSBK race of the season this weekend at Misano, Italy.

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Episode 11:

Download: WSBKPod_060531_episode11.mp3

Announcement of episode #10 Doug Chandler poster contest winner.

Review of the fifth race of the season at the Silverstone circuit in England.

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Episode 10:

Download: WSBKPod_060509_episode10.mp3

May calendar, part 2:

Listener feedback.

Review of the fourth race of the season at the Monza circuit in Italy.

Special contest to celebrate episode #10.

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Episode 9:

Download: WSBKPod_060504_episode9.mp3

May calendar, part 1:

Preview of the fourth WSBK race of the season this weekend at Monza, Italy.

Opinion piece about 1200cc Ducatis.

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Episode 8:

Download: WSBKPod_060425_episode8.mp3

April calendar:

Review of the third WSBK race of the season weekend at Valencia, Spain.

Tech talk about traction control.

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Episode 7:

Download: WSBKPod_060419_episode7.mp3

March calendar, part 2:

Review of first official WSBK test at Valencia, Spain.

Review of second official WSBK test at Misano, Italy.

Preview of the third round of the series at the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain.

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Episode 6:

Download: WSBKPod_060314_episode6.mp3

Medical review of injured World Superbike racers.

Tech talk about pressurized forks.

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Episode 5:

Download: WSBKPod_060307_episode5.mp3

March calendar, part 1:

Review of second race of the season at the Phillip Island in Australia.

Preview of the upcoming two official test sessions

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Episode 4:

Download: WSBKPod_060228_episode4.mp3

Review of 2006 season opener at Losail Circuit in Doha, Qatar.

Preview of the second round of the series at Phillip Island in Melbourne, Australia.

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Episode 3:

Download: WSBKPod_060223_episode3.mp3

February calendar, part 2:

2006 pre-season testing review.

Preview of the opening round of the 2006 World Superbike series at the Losail Circuit, in Qatar.

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Episode 2:

Download: WSBKPod_060220_episode2.mp3

February calendar, part 1:

2006 Team and Rider preview:

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Episode 1:

Download: WSBKPod_060131_episode1.mp3

January calendar:

2006 Provisional Calendar

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